Medication Managed

No More 1099s

EKRAssure can directly employ your entire sales force.  Increase your revenue while improving the performance and well-being of staff with :

  • Full W-2 
  • Full Benefits including health
  • Generous Vacations and PTO

Protect Your Reimbursements

EKRAssure guards your books.  Once a rep has onboarded an account their obligation is to get you a new account, not obsess about your revenue.  Reimbursement information is none of their business in the eyes of the law.  

National Law Review: 1099 + Commission 

= Trouble

Since October of 2018 the payment of commissions based on test volume or reimbursement has been explicitly illegal based on recent legislation.  

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in-depth National Law Review article on the subject:

Offload Sales Management 

EKRAssure can directly manage your entire sales force.  Recruiting, training, managing and production are all available if you wish.  Simply let us know:

  • How much business you want
  • What business you want
  • Where you want it

NEW:  EKRAssure™  -  As of Oct. 24 your lab is probably in violation of the law 

  This revolutionary salesforce management paradigm was designed to help laboratories navigate a world in which 1099s

and pay for performance contracts are an illegal business risk.

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Clinical laboratories need to review how they compensate sales personnel following the passage of the Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act of 2018 (“EKRA”) (Section 8122 of the SUPPORT Act) which is effective as of October 24, 2018. 

...On its face, EKRA would seem to make such commission-based payments to W-2 sales personnel, otherwise permissible under the AKS safe harbors, a criminal act that can carry up to $200,000 in fines and imprisonment up to (10) years for each occurrence.  "

-This jeopardy applies equally

to lab, rep and provider