St Jude's/Memphis is PGx testing all new patients on induction with the only concern being saving lives.

Educate your patient's on PGx while they wait with this quaint printable PDF poster

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An anesthesiologist gives her experiences with PGx


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You will find extensive support by experts from the Mayo Clinic, St. Judes Childrens Hospital of Memphis and many more.  Also find CMS guidance indicating their hope that Pharmacogenomics can save both lives and Medicare solvency.

Test Results Powerpoint

walks you though a typical test, explaining results in detail.

Select cuts from CMS guidance specifically spelling out how vital PGx and other predictive testing is in their vision

These doctor's are not PGx America employees nor are they compensated in anyway by PGx America Corp.

A sample PGx report

shows a lifetime roadmap for a patient's medications 

FDA List Of Medications with pharmacogenomic (PGx) indications on labeling

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NEW Scientific American goes in-depth on pharmacogenomic testing benefits

PGx America Corporation is a marketing company pairing great diagnostic laboratories with great medical practices across the nation.  We never touch specimens or patients but we do touch lives by introducing tomorrow's lifesaving technology to healthcare providers today.