PGx Professionals:

Tired Of Being A 100% Commission Grief Counselor?

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If you have generated 300 or more PGx tests per month and not been paid for the majority of them, we need to talk.

Our Strategic Partners are paid a flat rate for every non-Medicaid PGx sample that is properly submitted with sufficient DNA.  Period.  If you send up 400 tests in August and 370 are billable, you will get 370 x $150 = $55,000 on November 5th.  

"I would rather throw myself off a bridge than do another PGx test..."

- Pharma PhD

  • 100% Adjudication for you because you get paid on every good sample regardless of adjudication outcome.
  • Equity in the company if you deliver your goal, meaning that you have real long-term security.
  • Salary is offered to all Strategic Partners that hit their goal.
  • Your doctors will have simply the best customer service experience in the industry with a lab that has pioneered PGx since 1999.