Typically PGx America will start a new practice with a fast-start program to reach your most at-risk patients.  See more here.  

This immersive program allows your practice to front load education and revenue while your staff become the subject matter experts in this sharpest edge of diagnostic care. It involves nurses pharmacists and billing experts working as part of your team at our expense so you are left with a smooth turnkey system.

Marketing efforts focusing on genetic testing attract the attention of patients who are concerned about the number and nature of the medications they take every day. 

CMS Guidance stresses that this kind of predictive, preemptive testing is underutilized.  This is the bucket they want Medicare and private payers dollars pouring into, reducing Adverse Drug Reactions along with the cost and suffering that goes with them.

Practice size, location and specialty are factored into clinical eligibility however we are always flexible with a practice that may be new or experiencing significant changes.  It is however necessary that a practice will test all patients who are considered "At-Risk" per CMS guidance.  All PGx Clinics will be expected to always stay within both Payer  and Ethical Guidance.

If accepted as a PGx Clinic the practice will not be billed for any goods or services and this application does not bind the practice to any obligation.  PGx America Corporation and it's representatives will not offer any payment or inducement to the practice in return for performance of any kind.

After you submit your application you should be contacted by a member of the Implementation Team within two business days to schedule training and supplies.

Application To Become A PGx Clinic