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Just as gene variation controls hair or eye color, it also controls how the body reacts to certain drugs. A Pharmacogenomic test, (PGx Test) is done to make sure that a patient’s  prescription drugs will be safe and effective.  A PGx test lets a doctor know how quickly a patient’s body filters a given drug out of the bloodstream.  A high metabolizer flushes drugs out of the body quickly, and might never realize any benefit from taking a “normal” dose.  A poor metabolizer is just the opposite, with a “normal” dose building to potentially dangerous levels.  Understanding how quickly a patient metabolizes  a drug helps the doctor calculate the safest, most effective dose. Knowing  a patient’s genotype will help the doctor choose the most effective treatment path.

​​More About Pharmacogenomic Testing

Do you ask yourself:

"​I am always working with my Doctor to find the right medications for my depression"

"We are constantly switching medications to find just the right combination that will relieve his symptoms,
 without serious side effects."

"Whenever she takes a new medication, I worry about how well her other medications

will work." 

PGx America Corporation specializes in genetic testing within the psychological umbrella.  The company works to focus the tools of personalized medicine on Autism, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety & Depression and other distinct illnesses impacting global populations. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PGx America serves healthcare professionals throughout the United States and plays a key role in educating both providers and consumers on the constantly evolving technologies available in personalized medicine.

About PGX America

UPDATE:  The Bergen Study Is Full Through December, however testing will continue to be offered to children and adults with a diagnosis of  ADHD, Depression OR Autism.   

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About The Test:

"... we found that the sertraline she was taking would metabolize so fast that it had literally no positive effect while klonapin could build up to toxic levels..."

​​A simple mouth swab is collected by your doctor in his or her office and is sent to the genetic lab.  Your doctor will then receive a comprehensive analysis that can be used to develop a unique treatment plan personalized for the way the your body interacts with the medications you take.

No more trial and error. A simple mouth swab lets you know how your body metabolizes different medications. A person with the metabolism of a hummingbird might metabolize a commonly prescribed drug like Zoloft, Lexapro or Celexa so slowly that it builds up to toxic levels.  The side affects may never be traced back to those drugs meant to help.

After you fill out the form on this page you all be contacted by a team member to go over if this is right for you. Priority is given to patients taking at least 3 medications, including at least one for the treatment of Heart Disease.

Pharmacogenomic Testing (PGX) has been around for over 15 years and their is no debate on it's effectiveness improving the outcomes of drug treatment.  Not all people digest drugs the same, find out what your DNA can tell us about you.