PGx America Corporation is a marketing company pairing great diagnostic laboratories with great medical practices across the nation.  We never touch specimens or patients but we do touch lives by introducing tomorrow's lifesaving technology to healthcare providers today.

 PGx University

​Lesson 5

Choreographing PGx implementation emphasizes simplicity and ease for the staff and patients.


No practice is "typical" so the first item on the agenda after a practice decides to become a PGx Clinic is to get on the phoneto determine the goals, motivations and strengths that make that practice special.  

PGx University A weeklong educational program will be decimated throughout the practice (much like this one) so that everyone understands their importance to the process.  If everyone carries their light load no one will feel the burden.

Day One A PGx America staffer usually will come into the practice on the first day of actual swabbing to demonstrate all off the system elements.  Working one-on-one they will educate while performing all of the tasks. This instills confidence in the staff.  Practices may front load education and revenue through an "At-Risk Outreach Day" in which we will triage and schedule many of their most at-risk patients, often friends and family.

Triage  First thing in the morning a staffer pours a cup of coffee and reviews the days appointments for test eligibility.  All patients are considered eligible unless ruled out by CMS criteria.  A list of all patients to be tested is then put out for induction staffers. After identifying a patient for testing proceed to fill out a requisition form and stack it with a PGx Policy Form and swab kit with the days charts.

Taking Patient To Exam Room When the nurse calls for a patient in the waiting room they will hand them a patient authorization and a PGX policy form stating "The doctors going to want you to have this genetic test to see if your meds are working properly.  Just read this over and it will answer most of your questions." Inside the exam room the nurse will then take weight, BP, update med chart and take the buccal swab for PGx testing.  Any in-depth questioning should be answered with "The doctor can answer your questions but that form is really helpful"  

Doctor Answers Questions  It's important that the doctor clear up any issues the patient has but the PGx policy form will assure that questions are educated and informed.  If a patient doesn't ask about the test bring it up when you review their meds list saying "Due to the nature and number or meds you are taking I want to test your DNA to make sure they are helping and not harming you.  The nurse has already taken the mouth swab so just remember to hand these forms to the person at the exit desk"... stop talking, give them a polite moment to formulate any reactions and move on.   Most patients will want this test but never insist on a patient taking it.  We can never impose our judgment over our patients' will.  At close of the exam hand the patient the patient authorization and PGx policy forms and tell them to drop them off with the exit desk. 

At Exit  Your exit staffer will be sure to collect all necessary forms and check for signatures. Encourage them to include contact information for other prescribing providers as this test should be shared and it will save the practice time it PGx America lab staff handle those pro bono consults rather than practice staff.   Match forms with sample bags and place directly in Fedex bag.  At the end of the day a nurse should fill out all requisition forms.

Billing support  After swabs have gone out PGx America billing support specialists will walk practice staff through proper charting and coding so the practice is properly reimbursed for their efforts.  

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