PGx America Corporation is a marketing company pairing great diagnostic laboratories with great medical practices across the nation.  We never touch specimens or patients but we do touch lives by introducing tomorrow's lifesaving technology to healthcare providers today.

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‚ÄčLesson 3

The only reason to administer any test is to provide better patient care and PGx is one of the most cost effective ways to do so.

However practices do have expenses in offering services and PGx America employs billing specialists to ensure that a practice receives any reimbursement that is available through transparent and compliant practices.


CHARTING it is essential that a provider clearly chart that they have initiated a Therapeutic Drug Monitoring encounter with the patient.  A test should never be ordered to "rule out" a possibility but rather needs to support a diagnosis.  Our experts will help staff with any requests from the insurer but a few seconds updating the patients chart properly can avoid any time consuming issues later.

CODING Whether a practice employs their own coders or uses a third party PGx America billing specialists will work side-by-side to ensure nothing is missed and everything is compliant.

INSURERS Medicare and in many states Medicaid are reliable payers as this test saves money in hospital admissions and ineffective treatments.  Private payers are expected to take public payer's lead but may be erratic so our team will work with them, preventing become headaches for the practice.


In an institutional setting such as a long term care facility PGx America can send in a pharmacy consultant who will triage medical records of all residents.  He will prepare a CMS protocol for each patient prior to testing so their is a medical rationale in place before testing.  If "Authorization To Treat" agreements are in place all billing issues will be in our hands.  No residents will be denied testing due to insurance.