‚ÄčLesson 2

Just What Is Pharmacogenomics?

Pharmacogenomics is a really big word for a really simple mouth swab procedure that lets genetic pharmacists look into the infinite, unique database that is our DNA.  We call it PGx and it is the tentpole of personalized medicine.  Let the Mayo Clinic teach you all the science you need:

PGx America Corporation is a marketing company pairing great diagnostic laboratories with great medical practices across the nation.  We never touch specimens or patients but we do touch lives by introducing tomorrow's lifesaving technology to healthcare providers today.

Quiz 2

Fun fact: there are 3 meters of DNA in every human cell! Alleles are data blocks from both parents forming genes that dictate our traits within chromosomes within that DNA.  PGx focuses on Chromosome CYP2D6 that dictates the metabolization of drugs. Hypometabolizers digest drugs too slowly, versus hypermetabolyzers, who digest it too fast.  The chart below from Scientific American illustrates the effects of this variation using codeine.