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Who Should Be Tested and by Whom?

Ideally any patient who is taking multiple medications of any nature should be tested as all drugs can pose risks.  However, insurers have arbitrary limits on who they will pay to have tested.  Keeping that in mind a provider should view all patients as test-worthy and then triage using CMS guidelines as to who are most at-risk.

A patient should always be tested if they fall into any one of these three criteria:

-Taking 5 or more drugs of any nature including over-the-counter or herbals for pain, cardio or psychiatric benefit.

-Taking 4 meds including a prescription pain, cardio or psychiatric drug.

-Taking any pain, cardio or psychiatric drug and experiencing current symptoms of an Adverse Drug Reaction.

Numerous medications have FDA label indications for pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing and they can be found here however the prescriber should still follow the guidelines above.


A test must be prescribed by a MD or a PRNA under an MD supervision.  A provider should have an existing treatment history with the patient as opposed to an urgent care provider.  Medical records and history may be  necessary so stand-alone screenings are not allowed.  A test should never be sent to the lab with charting indicating that it is "to rule out" a possibility but rather to prove a diagnosis.

Podiatrists may prescribe this test but will not, generally, have the test costs approved disqualifying the specialty as PGx Clinics.  However they can become cash-only clinics under PGx America's Wellness Revenue Program.

Chiropractors cannot prescribe this testing.  However a chiropractic or any alternative medicine provider may offer these services under the Wellness Revenue Program if they have a practice partner who is authorized to write the prescription.

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